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More on the hiatus of BOaC

this was clipped from a blog post I made a few minutes ago on a blog I started on one of those social networking dating sites, if you were wondering, and I felt that it should be published here as well. The snippet will jump right in, seeing it was in the middle of the post, and there will be no pretext seeing as I’ve done nothing but talk about the hiatus on the BOaC Blog, and here for the last few weeks. So here we go.

Sadly the show is going to be on hiatus until around March. But there is still some great audio content in there, the first 14 chapters of my novel as audio for example. One of the reasons my cohosts and I are going on hiatus will be discussed later. The secondary reason is that I want to take some time off for the holidays and I also want to work more on the production angle of my show and work on my hosting style. I think some of my best work on my show was back in the first season because it was funnier in my opinion, with more off the cuff, and snarky/crass remarks than I had in season one. This is mainly because I’d spend a good half a day reviewing the show material and so those comments came more freely. But with school to think about I didn’t have as much time to think about all of that. So I’m taking this time to get back into the core originality of the show from its first season. I’m also going to have to take that time to teach my cohosts more about audio recording, editing, and production.

The other reason, see I told you I’d talk about it later, that the show is going on hiatus (and the reason this profile exists) is that my live-in girlfriend of almost two years is leaving me. We broke up nearly a month ago, and I have to drive her to the airport this coming Friday so she can fly back to Texas. She will be leaving with her computer, the computer that I use to do research, recording, and production for my show. And I can’t really host a show if I don’t have a computer to plug my microphone into can I? and even if I managed to procure a computer in a speedy manner, she’s also taking her wireless router. Which means that I’d have to get a new router and a computer with a wireless card, or put some holes in some walls to run a very long CAT5 cable from the room across the hall to this one.

That’s a lot of trouble, and near impossible seeing as the only thing I do now is go to college and don’t possess the funds that would allow me to accomplish those things. Which means that I’m going to need to go job hunting. Luckily for me my semester is ending soon.

I would use this time to explain how this turn of current events has made me feel, but I’m pretty sure you could guess, and I feel that I’ve been typing long enough.



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