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Writerly Update: Getting back into gear.

After NaNoWriMo my brain slipped into vacation mode. I stopped writing, I recorded the season finale and did several interviews. I acquired new roommates and spent some time adjusting to the new house dynamic. In this little break I’ve been taking, I’ve gotten new creative ideas for both writing, and my podcast.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get back into school due to lack of funds. That, however, is where the power of the neterwebs kicks in. There’s all sorts of information that I can learn myself online. A plethora of open courseware. And I’ve always been somewhat of an autodidact. All of the skills that I use on a regular basis I’ve taught myself, anyway.

I have a whole mountain of audio that I need to edit for the podcast and I’ve got to fix my car, but after that I think that you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.



Today I had a job interview. It went great. I basically have a job as long as I can come up with $150 for a background check, enrollemnt and a piss test I’ve got a job after the training.

I was taking 70 on the way back from this interview and the pulley that connects to my water pump decided it wanted to have a little adventure and fell the fuck off of my car.

At first I just thought the car made a weird noise and my power steering went out.

“No biggie,” I thought, “surely I can make it back to Greencastle without power steering.”

And that is what I continued to think until people started honking at me and pointing at my left tire. I then found an exit and stopped at the first convenient place only to find that there was a belt trailing behind my front right side tire. And after checking under the hood and having Kyle take me to an Auto Zone I was able to confirm what I just described at the top of the post.

Lets hope I can get Chuck all patched up so I can get this job.


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